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What will be the impact of the massive tax on Chinese imports of Chinese products?

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US President Donald trump signed a presidential memorandum on Tuesday, saying he would impose a massive tariff on imports from China and limit Chinese companies' investment in the us. Mr. Trump told the media before the White House signed that the Chinese goods involved in the tax would amount to $60 billion.

In response to the American "trade war", the ministry of commerce issued 23 morning for the United States imported 232 measures the suspension of concessions to steel and aluminium products listing and solicit opinions from the public, for since the import tariffs, to balance for U.S. tariffs on imported steel and aluminum products for the damage caused by China's interests.

Affected by this, the global stock market shock. Bocom financial research center, a senior researcher at He Fei said, telecommunication technology, mechanical and electrical products, furniture, toys, textile and garment, base metals and metal products, such as shoe umbrella light industrial products, plastics, rubber, chemical industry, medical equipment and other goods can be affected by the beauty of "tariff wars" is the largest.

If the us raises the tariffs on LED related products, what will be the impact on exporting LED enterprises in the us?

The company said it was largely unaffected by the volatility of U.S. trade policy. According to autoart electronic semi-annual report 2017, otto electronic in the first half of 2017 overseas revenue only accounts for 18.29% of total revenue, and its main overseas market is Europe, business in the United States accounts for only a small part of it.

Leah DE in the first half of 2017, overseas business revenue accounted for 42%, although the proportion is relatively high, but its coverage of overseas markets, including Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and so on more than 100 countries and regions in the world. In addition, liyad has two domestic companies, pingda electronics and NP, and most of the overseas revenue is contributed by the two companies. So, according to LEDinside's editor, the rise in the U.S. would hardly have any impact on the company's revenue.

The same is not true of the state technology and abbison, which are LED display companies. In the first half of 2017, the overseas operating income of the LED display products was 78,653.41 million yuan, accounting for 69.26% of the company's LED display revenue, with the americas contributing 28.68% to 22,560.64 million yuan.

Abby, as the LED display industry one of the earliest enterprises to exploit the international market, the company exports LED display for many years industry ranked first, over the years, overseas business income accounted for the proportion of total revenue of 80% or so. According to its semi-annual report in 2017, the operating income in the first half of 2017 will be RMB 51,189.85 million, of which the North America contribution will be 8,920.76 million yuan, accounting for 17.43%.

In terms of the exports of the four companies, the impact of state technology and abisen may be slightly larger. But for now, the United States has yet to release a list of tax products for China, and whether LED products will be in the tax list is uncertain, so it remains to be seen. In recent days, the company has also responded to the interactive platform by saying that the company has not received a tax notice on the company's LED small spacing display products.

According to a New York times report, the Chinese products, which will be subject to tariffs, range from shoes to clothes to electronics, about 1,300. The details will be announced by the U.S. trade department in about 15 days.

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