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What are the characteristics of LED?
1. Voltage: the LED USES low voltage power supply, and the power supply voltage is between 6 and 24V. Depending on the product, it is a more secure power source than the high-voltage power supply, especially for public places.
2. Effectiveness: reduced energy consumption by 80% compared with incandescent bulbs.
3. Applicability: very small, each unit LED chip is 3-5mm square, so it can be prepared into various shape devices and suitable for changeable environment.
4. Stability: 100, 000 hours, the initial 50%.
5. Response time: the response time of the incandescent lamp is millisecond, and the response time of the LED lamp is nanosecond.
6. Environmental pollution: no hazardous metal mercury.
7. Color: changing the current can change color, and the light-emitting diode can easily adjust the band structure and band gap of the material by chemical modification method, so as to realize the multi-color luminescence of red, yellow and green orange. If the small current is red LED, as the current increases, it can turn orange, yellow, and finally green.
8. Price: the price of the LED relatively expensive, compared with incandescent light bulb, the price of a few leds with the price of an incandescent lamp, and usually lights in each group should be composed of 300 ~ 500 on diode.
The LED lights are applied in fields such as red, green, blue full-color display, and keybutton micro-torches.
Advantages of LED street lights?
China's outdoor road lighting accounts for about 30% of the total lighting consumption, which is closely related to people's production and living. LED street lighting as an important application of outdoor lighting, its advantages:
1. Long life of high-power LED street lamps.
The focus of all of this problem, as many experts at home and abroad and the company's product propaganda album described by 5-100000 hours, and optimistic, in fact, the life of the high power LED street light depends on the following:
(1) chip quality of LED light source, optical attenuation value.
(2) LED packaging quality. Consistency and reliability.
(3) LED as a cold light source, but LED semiconductor itself can generate heat. LED heat dissipation ensures good working conditions of LED.
(4) life quality assurance of power supply and constant current drive.
2. High energy efficiency.
Lighting engineering is a system engineering, both bright lighting and lighting atmosphere by electric energy into light, through the projection of lamps and lanterns again, make a local by cliff reaches a certain intensity of illumination, uniformity, color rendering, multiple was facing local synthesis of a complete lighting engineering, power can't simply use to compare, but through the comprehensive comparison and comprehensive analysis.
3. Differentiation of conventional lamps and semiconductor LED lamps.
Lamps and lanterns is light source, power supply, lamps and other accessories such as assembly combination of lighting appliances, it is used to control the light source, light exposure, at the same time can rise to protect the light source, improve the efficiency of lighting lighting tools.
The lamps and lanterns are mainly composed of lamp housing, light source cavity and electric room. The working conditions of the light source are guaranteed because of its sufficient shell space and the heat dissipation of the sealing installation of activated carbon and foam silicone rubber. The protection level of the light source cavity is IP65, and the protection level of the electrical room is IP45. Conventional street lighting as long as to ensure the protective conditions, can make any shape, routine road lighting design in our country, is showing observation during the day, night view of the lamp.
And semiconductor LED street light, the light source of long life uniqueness, has the advantages of reasonable light distribution, the variability of color temperature, and the advantage of high color rendering index, low voltage, electric current source power supply has the trend of the development of high efficiency and energy saving.
The advantages of LED application in street lighting are:
1.LED as the point light source, if the design is reasonable, it can directly solve the problem that the traditional spherical light source must rely on the light emission to solve the secondary lighting and optical loss.
2. The uniformity of light exposure is controllable, which can theoretically be completely uniform in the target area, which can avoid the waste of light under the light of traditional light source.
3. Color temperature is optional, which is also an important way to improve efficiency and reduce cost in different applications.
4. There is still room for technological progress.
4. Optical rationality of LED street lamps.
The LED is different from the traditional lighting. It has the characteristics of point light source, high brightness and narrow beam output. Do the LED street lamp first should consider to make the best use of limited flux to the illuminate of effective range, street lamp is required road lighting effect, is beyond the scope of road space is not a street lamp lighting effectively. Therefore, effective control of the distribution range of light, the light tube light into a rectangular band spread out along the road direction, at the same time also want to two or morethings glare, is the design of new LED lamps and lanterns personnel put forward higher requirements.
5. Comparison of main technical performance indicators of current LED street lamps:
6. Calculation of energy saving index (12 hours per day) :
Annual energy saving =365*12* (0.5-0.16) =1489.2.
The annual savings rate is 1489.2*0.8=1191.36 yuan.
After the transformation of LED street lamp, each lamp will save 1191.36 yuan per year. If the entire road is LED by LED street lights, it will save the country a lot of electricity each year and save a lot of money in terms of economic benefits.

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