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After-sales service
1. Our company has a special after-sales service department, and the department will provide spare parts and services such as lamps and lanterns supporting accessories.
Second, the special engineering installation process, our company will through computer and telephone conference by the guidance of professional and technical personnel for installation, debugging, and lamps and lanterns use and maintenance of user training; Our company will send special personnel to the field guide for major foreign projects.
3. The technical department of our company will be ready to reply to any questions raised by users in the installation and use of our products.
Four, the company has sufficient lamps and lanterns part, can convenient user to change at any time.
5. In the course of use, once the lamps are out of order, whether or not the lamps or lanterns are faulty, our company will send people to help the user to solve the problem actively and troubleshoot.
Quality objectives
1. Customer satisfaction rate: greater than 95%.
Ii. Reliability of major LED engineering projects: the average annual rate of failure is less than 8000PPM.
3. Incoming material: the qualified rate of incoming materials is more than 98%;
4. Process: production one-time pass rate is greater than 99%;
5. Shipment: the acceptance rate of the finished product delivery sampling inspection is greater than 99%;
Product quality assurance
The whole lamp is guaranteed for 3-5 years.

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